What if there was a way to reduce the aggregation of toxic compounds

(similar to traffic jams) in the brain? 

Numerous studies have shown that cytoplasmic protein aggregates can interfere with nucleocytoplasmic transport, and these toxic proteins directly impact the nuclear pore complex as well, hindering their ability to perform their normal functions. This aggregation, likened to 'traffic jams in the brain', causes impairment of the nucleocytoplasmic transport and nuclear pore complex, and may contribute significantly to the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. 

As these 'traffic jams in the brain' build up with toxic proteins, the effects of neurodegeneration grow progressively. At PurMinds, we are focused on identifying novel solutions that address these underlying 'traffic jams' in the nucleocytoplasmic transport and nuclear pore complex, by identifying crucial targets that exhibit strong linkages to neurodegenerative diseases and developing therapeutics to restore  function to these processes.

Traffic Jams in the brain

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