Leveraging our expertise of the nuclear pore complex and nucleocytoplasmic transport to develop novel therapeutics


Our Science 

PurMinds mission is to develop more effective treatments for devastating neurodegenerative diseases. We use our scientific expertise on the nuclear pore complex and nucleocytoplasmic transport to identify molecules that aim to restore their critical functions.

Our aim is to identify more targets within the nuclear pore complex and nucleocytoplasmic transport using our proprietary data that was generated from an unbiased scientific approach. The information from these targets will serve as the foundation for more novel therapeutics. 


We plan to employ a similar unbiased, data generated approach by developing a drug discovery engine that can be applied to more pathways in the brain - allowing us to intelligently develop more effective therapeutics.

Image by Josh Appel

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Understanding complex and devastating neurodegenerative diseases

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Traffic Jams in  Neurodegeneration

How exciting is the linkage between both the NPC and NCT with neurodegeneration?

Pipetting Samples

Informed Pipeline

Making data informed decisions to build a robust pipeline



PurPrecision    Drug Discovery Platform

Building a platform that uses lessons from our novel discovery for the future