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Right Drug.
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What We Do

Drug development for neurological disorders has been marred with failure due to imperfect modeling of human diseases in pre-clinical studies and inadequate stratification within patient recruitment for clinical trials.


This antiquated method of developing drugs for neurological disorders has resulted in low clinical success rates and the drugs that are approved are not effective treatments for neurological disorders.

It is time for a new approach.


Our Solution

We are applying lessons from oncology and big tech, using advanced technology to discover and screen small molecules in order to successfully develop effective drugs and design clinical trials to treat neurological disorders.

By using cutting-edge neuroscience pre-clinical tools, we can effectively and efficiently screen small molecules to identify the most promising indications, and test whether the molecules of interest are likely to be successful in clinical trials.

We use multi-omics analyses of diseased and healthy Human iPSC-derived neurons  to better understand the pathophysiology of neurodegenerative diseases, which enables us to design personalized, precision neurotherapeutics.


Leading-edge Screening Technologies

De-risking a drug pipeline starts from revolutionary pre-clinical models. We use high-throughput in-vivo drosophila models, followed by Human iPSC-derived neurons in our pre-clinical stages. 

We utilize Human iPSC-derived neurons to perform "clinical trials in a dish".


AI & Machine Learning

Multi-omics datasets generated from Human iPSC-derived neurons, combined with the analytical power of Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies generate unique molecular signatures of disease and novel therapeutic targets. 

We continuously refine, expand and de-risk our pipeline with the aid of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, allowing us to stratify patient recruitment in clinical trials.