Building on our previous success: using a data-driven approach to discover therapeutics


The PurPrecision   Platform


Building upon the foundational pieces that led to the formulation of the Nuclear Pore Hypothesis in Neurodegeneration comes an unbiased data driven approach to discover novel therapies.

PurPrecision  comprises of several components that leverages our unique knowledge to more intelligently understand disease pathologies and develop new targets to exploit via therapeutic development. 


The precursor to the PurPrecision   Platform has already identified several highly promising targets in the nuclear pore complex and nuclear cytoplasmic transport, some of which are being optimized for pre-clinical studies. 

Strategically housed in our wholly owned Neurolab near Toronto, the platform is currently under development.


Our Vision

Our first utilization of these advanced scientific tools is to dive deeper into the nuclear pore complex and nucleocytoplasmic pathway to uncover additional, highly implicated targets in neurodegenerative diseases. We know that cargo is mis-trafficked in these neurological diseases, but we need to accurately identify which cargo are mis-localized are mostly responsible for the disease. 

The cargo referenced here is the protein, mRNA's and macromolecules that are essential to cell function. We are seeking for the cargo that has the most impact in causing these cells in the brain to die, and what are the potential ways to target these occurrences and create druggable therapeutics to relieve these inefficiencies?


That is the first question that we hope to answer with our platform. 

Image by Josh Appel

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Understanding complex and devastating neurodegenerative diseases

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Traffic Jams in  Neurodegeneration

How exciting is the linkage between both the NPC and NCT with neurodegeneration?

Pipetting Samples

Informed Pipeline

Making data informed decisions to build a robust pipeline



PurPrecision    Drug Discovery Platform

Building a platform that uses lessons from our novel discovery for the future