PurMinds is a trailblazer, setting the gold standards for method, research, and product development to serve the psychedelic science community.

PurMinds is leading the development and supply of quality psychedelic compounds, novel APIs, research insights, and innovative solutions for the psychedelic industry and patients at large.

About Us

First Mover

PurMinds operates in a Health Canada licensed GMP-ready facility with a Dealer’s License for controlled substances and possesses a uniquely easy path to scale immediately for production, processing, R&D, and analysis of all psychedelic compounds.

Precision Medicine

Using advanced technology for cell line study of psychedelic compounds’ impact on human brain cells, PurMinds enables precision medicine and personalized treatment, while benefiting the psychedelic industry with services and partnership opportunities.

Technology Platform

Patent-pending and industrial scale technologies that highlight the power of psychedelics derived from natural sources. PurMinds’ technology platform emphasizes efficient active ingredient isolation and delivery, facilitating rapid and targeted investigation into the potential of plant medicine. PurMinds’ R&D efforts are catalyzed by beacons of insight into innovative second generation psychedelic compounds

Our Values


PurMinds identifies as a pioneering biopharmaceutical force in the psychedelics sector. Taking direction from classical compounds lays the groundwork for decades of scientific breakthroughs in therapeutic development to come. Bridging gaps in scientific investigation, PurMinds emphasizes the power of the plant to provide the human race with hints towards preventative and potent medicines. Treating diseases at a functional level and not just treating symptoms is the pivotal difference in how PurMinds develops therapeutic solutions. The vanguard of biosynthesis is hinged on discovering what more is offered by promising organism classes such as fungi, botanicals, and algae. Taking hints from nature, identifying and isolating powerful compounds with endless potential, much like psilocybin and DMT, form a new systems-based approach for discovering medicinal solutions. PurMinds understands and champions the necessary foresight and skillset to assess the capability of natural formulations and second generation synthetic analogues in clinical settings.


In a nascent space attracting a lot of interest, those who decide to be a reliable pillar of information and provision must also embrace innovation. At PurMinds, innovation drives our collective creativity. Each team member at PurMinds is carefully recruited and trained to channel innovative thinking that goes beyond traditional drug discovery, development, and manufacturing. PurMinds seeks to change the way medicines are developed by using cutting-edge technology, and starting with the very promising group of compounds called psychedelics.

Scientific Rigor

The power of The Scientific Method is what all stakeholders in the psychedelic space must rely on in order to see through complex business plans, partnerships, and scientific breakthrough. In emerging industries, many assumptions are made about timing and projections of product or service delivery without disclosing true timelines or constraints. PurMinds seeks to utilize scientific rigor to provide market competitors, industry partners, and patients at large with the right tools to succeed with accurate lead times that enable better planning ahead in anticipation of industry changes for scientists, business owners, psychotherapy administrators, and more.


PurMinds’ final foundational pillar is integrity – the notion of transparency. Our clearly defined mission and vision have shaped our corporate and scientific objectives. PurMinds is committed to informing the general public and scientific community of helpful milestones and data that are achieved along the way all while providing high quality and consistent starting materials for others licensed to purchase. From ensuring consistency to formulating mindfully, PurMinds’ high integrity operations and R&D platform showcases responsibility, reputability, and reliability.

PurMinds will lead the sector globally on our collective journey from harnessing the power of plant medicines to achieving scientific breakthrough – changing the lives of billions.