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Fixing traffic jams in neurological diseases.
Developing better therapies.

Targeting the nuclear pore complexes and the nucleocytoplasmic transport in cells to have the biggest therapeutic impact.

"Neurodegeneration is one of society's critical issues over the next 50 years"

 - Chan Zuckerberg Science Initiative - Dec. 2018

By developing therapeutics that target fundamental components that are indispensable for cell function, we can treat destructive neurodegenerative diseases.

Nucleocytoplasmic transport (NCT) is the process comprising the exchange of critical macromolecules such as protein between the nucleus and cytoplasm of cells. The nuclear pore complexes (NPC) are responsible for mediating the NCT in cells.  There is mounting scientific evidence that disruptions in both the NPC and NCT are integral in neurodegenerative diseases. 


Our mission is to produce more effective therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases, by developing a drug discovery engine using an unbiased, Human data approach.

By using our proprietary unbiased data, we uncovered novel targets within the nuclear pore complexes and the nucleocytoplasmic transports, which is crucial to developing therapeutics that restore the indispensable function that the NPC and NCT provides. Furthermore, this unbiased, data-rich approach enables us to foster a more complete understanding of the underlying disease mechanism, which has already led to our primary, best-in-class therapeutic programs that have remarkable therapeutic potential.

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Why focus on nuclear pore complexes and nucleocytoplasmic transport?

Uniquely poised to develop therapeutics that target these cellular processes and based on our proprietary, award-winning data, here is how PurMinds got to where it is today.

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Neurodegenerative Diseases

Understanding complex and devastating neurodegenerative diseases

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Traffic Jams in  Neurodegeneration

How exciting is the linkage between both the NPC and NCT with neurodegeneration?

Pipetting Samples

Informed Pipeline

Making data informed decisions to build a robust pipeline



PurPrecision    Drug Discovery Platform

Building a platform that uses lessons from our novel discovery for the future