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Revolutionizing neurological care through the development of disease-modifying therapeutics

We are developing innovative disease-modifying therapeutics for patients with CNS disorders by leveraging proven mechanisms of action and neuroplastogens for their ability to promote neuroplasticity and neuro-rejuvenation.


PurMinds is currently developing a botanical psilocybin formulation (PUR101), a novel second generation HDAC6 inhibitor (PUR400 series), and a third generation serotonin-inspired neuroplastogen (PUR501).


Complementing our drug development efforts, PurMinds’ NeuroLab holds a Health Canada issued license for controlled substances that allows us to produce, process, sell and export a variety of psychedelic compounds.

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OUR MISSION is to develop best-in-class disease-modifying therapeutics for neurological conditions. We recognize that there is an urgent unmet need for innovative medicines for neurological disorders, as current treatments primarily focus on managing symptomology rather than addressing underlying issues. At PurMinds, our goal is to innovate medicines that target the root cause to prevent disease progression, improve long-term outcomes and, most importantly, enhance patients’ quality of life.

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