Pursuing Breakthrough Solutions for Devastating Neurological Disorders

"Neurodegeneration is one of society's critical issues over the next 50 years"

 - Chan Zuckerberg Science Initiative - Dec. 2018

Drugs for neurodegenerative diseases are ineffective and have a high clinical failure rate.


We Must do Better.

At PurMinds, we've taken an alternative, data-driven approach to traditional drug development.


Our team of experts is on a mission to deliver the right drug to the right patient. 


The key to discovering and developing better drugs is to understand the disease mechanism. The more we understand, the more effective our therapeutics will be at delivering the right drug to the right patient.


We use our intelligent PurPrecision  neuromedicine development platform to analyze iPSC-derived neurons from neurodegenerative diseased patients and non-neurological healthy controls using multi-omics and network-based integrative computational analyses.


This allows us to generate unique molecular signatures of disease and novel therapeutic targets that directly inform our pipeline.


Neural Network2.jpg

Data Informed Pipeline

We are progressing a Discovery Pipeline and Clinical Pipeline with a broad portfolio of small molecules, psychedelics and other therapeutic compound candidates.

As we generate and analyze data gathered from our pre-clinical and clinical studies, we inform our pipeline - allowing us to pursue new targets, repurpose therapeutics and de-risk our current portfolio.

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Our NeuroLab

The PurMinds NeuroLab houses our leading-edge screening technologies, analytical testing capabilities and other research and production capabilities under a Health Canada approved Dealer's License for Controlled Substances.

Our Partnerships

PurMinds PurPrecision   Platform is enhanced by a strategic investment in an Israeli drug development company, in addition to our partnerships with the world's top academic institutions and cutting-edge Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts.


Image by Samson