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Fixing neurological diseases
Developing better therapies

"Neurodegeneration is one of society's critical issues over the next 50 years"

 - Chan Zuckerberg Science Initiative - Dec. 2018

We pursue breakthrough solutions to devastating neurological disorders by developing innovative therapeutics that combines proven mechanism of actions with new discoveries in psychoplastogens and their ability to promote neuroplasticity and neuro-rejuvenation.

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Our mission is to produce more effective therapeutics for neurological disorders, including devastating neurodegenerative diseases, using our PurPrecision   approach based on unbiased and targeted data. PurPrecision   is designed to foster a more complete understanding of the mechanism of action, which leads to best-in-class clinical assets that have remarkable therapeutic potential.



To complement our drug development efforts, PurMinds' NeuroLabs holds a Health Canada issued license for controlled substances for R&D and production of both generic Psychedelic compounds and proprietary formulations for global supply. 

Brain Scan

Complexity of Neurological Disorders


Tackling the Vast Unmet

Medical Needs

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